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I love when friends of mine create something wonderful and meaningful. That’s just what my friend Amanda (Mandy) Leins did with her book Wanderlust Quilts. She all at once weaved together her lifelong love of archaeology and the beautiful timeless motifs found therein with her love of quilts and created something beautiful. Reading this book you will be wrapped up in so much of what is meaningful to Amanda. And, in a world where we are often inundated by books that make quilting quick and easy, you will be challenged to step outside of your quilting box to try possibly new to you techniques that are sometimes a bit more complex.

Wanderlust Quilts by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

Wanderlust Quilts by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

My favorite quilt is of course Going Places which was essentially inspired by the same European Fan motif as my Molehills quilt. Of course Amanda’s was inspired by the actual cobblestone on the streets of ancient Europe and my version was inspired by the same design replicated on the Las Vegas Blvd. I know, classy. 🙂 But, great design is timeless and universal. And I love that Going Places really embraces Improv down to having a very interesting line on the perimeter of the quilt.

Going Places by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

Going Places by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

Isn’t she a beauty?

Going Places by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

Going Places by Amanda Leins (Courtesy of Stash Books. Photo by Nissa Brehmer.)

I hope you find a copy of Wanderlust Quilts and enjoy it as much as I did. Hop on over to Amanda’s page to buy a copy directly from the her.

Or if you’re feeling lucky, leave one reply to this blog post telling me what about what inspires you in quilting. I will close the drawing and randomly select a winner on Sunday, November 15th at 6pm PST. C&T/Stash Books will send the lucky winner their very own copy of Wanderlust Quilts.

And, by Random Number Generator

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the lucky winner is Barbara who said:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.00.01 AMCongrats Barbara!

So proud of you Mandy! XO

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  1. I love finding inspiration in unassuming places. Just the other day I was on the road for a solo road trip and got the inspiration for a future quilt as I was listening to a podcast and (carefully) observing my surroundings.

  2. I think color is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me, but patterns that I see when out and about come a close second!

  3. I always feel inspired after a walk by the sea. I love the colors of the seaside, and the stones, seaweed, rock pools offer plenty of pattern inspiration, too.

  4. Color inspires me! I seem to be seasonal in my inspiration, and geographical. A recent visit to the Grand Canyon has me hunting for all those earthy, rich colors, and thinking about how a design can reflect the heights and depths of the canyon.

  5. I never know what will inspire me. I just try to keep my eyes open when I’m out in the world and really notice things. And photograph them and maybe draw them, even though my drawing is definitely a work in progress. Sometimes the fabric inspires the quilt, but it’s usually the other way around for me.

  6. I am inspired by other peoples quilts and as I learn more I think I will know where to look in nature and architecture for quilting designs.

  7. Sometimes I think I am ADD in what inspires me……. nostalgia, light, shapes, song lyrics, nature, farm fields…… for example, the song lyrics of Joni Mitchell keep revolving in my brain….”yellow schools of taxi fishes” There IS a quilt there!

  8. I’m inspired by my various fandom’s and also by graphic art. I do love architecture, too, so this book sounds really intriguing. Love that red and white quilt in the first photo!

  9. Love the Aqueduct quilt – beautiful! Pretty fabric is always an inspiration (and Pinterest is a source of lots of ideas!)

  10. I’m really inspired lately by patterns in everyday things. Tile work, mosaics, bricks…I recently saw a iron grate in San Francisco.

  11. Being outdoors and seeing how the light plays on everything around me! feeling the warm sun or a cool breeze, the smell of fall… I’m a sensitive person so all the feels inspire me!

  12. My children inspire me. I make for them and for our family and I let them choose the theme of their quilts. I love what they brainstorm! My daughter recently said she wanted a neighborhood quilt, so she and I imagined the quilt together and incorporated an iconic, local mountain in the background.

  13. Usually one fabric inspires me to begin to search for fabrics to accompany it into a quilt. They don’t have to “match”, but they do have to interact well together.

  14. Generally, I’m inspired by what other quilters are making. I’ll see a quilt or block with an attractive element or color combo and start wondering how I can adapt it into something else. Original creativity doesn’t come easily to me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I live in the oldest city in Iowa and it is filled with history. The architecture, especially, inspires me and the cobblestone walkways and streets are wonderful for creative minds! duchick at mchsi dot com

  16. My quilt inspiration most often originates from whatever us going on in my life that initiates web surfing. Being naturally a very curious person, I’m like a butterfly flying all around the Internet for information. I’ll see something on one site that leads me to another, then another and I’ll see something that is new to me, or challenging, or very creative, or just perfect for someone who I know.

  17. While color is always an inspiration, I think imagining how the quilt may be used (by me or the recipient) – for warmth, for comfort, to escape, to snuggle, as a tent, for a pet or a human – is my key inspiration. I’ve given countless quilts, just imagining (and hoping) how it might be used; rarely do I learn how that works out, but upon reflection that single element is always present. Thanks for asking! And I just got – with the “Going Places” quilt – that it really doesn’t make any difference what exact shape a quilt is – it’s the use that really counts – would love to read more in this book.

  18. Color definitely inspires my quilts, but so does other quilters! I love texture & patterns in my quilts, too! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  19. Color is my main inspiration, the endless possibilities in nature influence the pattern as well. It always amazes me to see how a change in color can bring out the beauty in a quilt pattern.

  20. Usually my inspiration starts with the person I’m making the quilt for.
    My niece liked vintage florals, so I made her a quilt with some wonderful Rose fabrics.
    My sister’s teenage grandson preferred straight line designs, so I used a great south west style pattern using charcoal, red and white fabrics!
    For myself, I’m making an improv tree quilt in greens inspired by a trip earlier this year to the Mariposa Grove of great trees!

  21. Usually I am first inspired by the person who will receive the quilt but sometimes it works in reverse…recently, while making a challenge quilt and thinking about what to do with it when it was finished, I was inspired by the quilt design to give it to my son, an outdoor enthusiast, so he could sleep under the Stars every night.

  22. The modern quilting movement inspires me constantly – I follow tons of modern quilters on Instagram and am constantly challenged and inspired to learn new techniques and push myself beyond my current abilities. I’d love to have a copy!

  23. I am always inspired by color. I start with a combination that I can’t get out of my head and find a pattern to fit. Or if I see a pattern I like, it doesn’t explode in my head until I figure out the color palette that brings the pattern to life. This book looks interesting, thank you for the chance to win it!

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