Strawberry Disco Fields

So, I bought this fabric over a year ago. A friend was having a baby girl and I wanted to make her something. That was before my quilting days where I usually just made blankets with a minky backing, bibs, burps, and a ball.Very cute, but, not a quilt. So, when I started quilting earlier this year – I quickly switched it to a quilting project. I had been eying circle quilts ever since my first quilt and I knew that I would try it on a baby quilt since it would be smaller and more manageable. And since I love circles I started researching how to piece and applique them. I was intrigued with the Dale Fleming six minute circle method and knew this would be one of the first I would try. It turned out to be pretty simple but longer than I wanted it to be. I had 48 circles so if it was really six minutes per circle that equals almost five hours not including any of the prep work. Anyway, I was happy with how it turned out.

The quilt is designed around the Alexander Henry “Very Berry” fabric and a couple of other coordinating Alexander Henry prints. Then I picked up a couple of coordinating fabrics from Joann’s – the black and the pink to complete the look. I am starting to realize that I like black in quilts. I guess I like the contrast. Plus the black print circles really drew out the black background in the “Very Berry” fabric and pulled the quilt together.

I quilted it in what I call a Loop de Loop pattern – don’t know what the official name is. It was fun and easy to do. I’ll definitely get better with this quilting thing over time. . .

The back is simple highlighting the “Very Berry” fabric with a strip going across the width of the quilt and another strip of the coordinating fabrics pieced with a circle in “Very Berry” thrown in.

I wanted the circles in the quilt to be very close together like the Michael Miller Disco Dot fabric – so of course the name of the quilt is Strawberry Disco Fields!
Let me know what you think!

Falling in love with solids. . .

So, I found out my college friend Tommie was getting married to his long time girlfriend – just a month before it was supposed to happen! I knew I had to make a quilt for them. (I really just need an excuse to justify making another quilt. But, shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!)  Anyhow, for some reason I got it into my head to make it in the wedding colors which were brown and teal. These are beautiful colors but, I had the hardest time in all the world finding prints in these colors. I was looking for prints because I knew I had time constraints and wanted to do a super simple pattern like snowballs or something. So, I resorted to using solids – Kona solids – and unexpectedly fell head over heels in love with solids. OMG, there are so many shades and when you mix them all together – wow! In any case, I started with browns and teals and then I added turquoises and blues and tans. Then I knew I had to have a little contrast so I added some greens and pinks. . .  And boy was I happy with the results. I don’t even want to send it off now. I guess I’m going to have to make one for myself too!

I was trying to make something more fancy than just squares – I don’t know why I had the snowball pattern in my mind but, in the end I didn’t want to break up the beautiful solids. So I made something REALLY simple. It’s just 10″ squares so I guess the final size is about 80″ x 90″ (I haven’t actually measured it). I quilted it really simple with random “fairly” straight lines at various angles.

And, as you will get to know about me I just love making reversible quilts so I wanted the backing to look like another quilt “top” – using the fabric I had left over. It still kinda looks like a back but, I like it. Here’s the result:

So, now I’m obsessed with solids and have already picked out my fabrics for my next project – wonky circles out of solids! Yeah! I’ll show you a sneak peek soon.

LA Modern Quilt Guild! Our first meeting!

OMG! It was more fun than I thought it would be. I usually try not to have expectations so that I can absorb each morsel of an experience but, I was so excited at the prospect of connecting with others that dream about creating yummy modern quilts as much as I did that my expectations were so high. And, yes oh yes, it was awesome. We had 20 people at our first meeting and we have 44 people signed up so far at our website! It was our planning/brainstorming session and it was all that I thought it would be and more. Creativity, energy, and a sheer feeling of relief that there are others just as crazy we are out there who love creating delectable beauty in the world. Whew! And we were blessed to have it at Home Ec – the amazing everything crafty shop in Silverlake owned by the awesome Jenny!

If you’re in LA and are interested, please send me a message – we would love to have you join!

LAMQG Meeting Nov 2009

Finally – My Quilting Blog!

I’m so excited to finally blog about quilting and other craft things, though admittedly I’m a little hesitant to start. There are so many delicious amazng blogs out there and I feel like I’m a bit behind and will have to play catch up. BUT, on the other hand I’m soooooo excited to dive in and share a little peek into the madness of my quilting life with the world. So often, we crafters and quilters are holed up in their own little corners creating away and we are very blessed to have this outlet where we can connect with other who are as passionate as we are.

Here I go! Yeah!!!!