Interview with Mark Lipinski!

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Tune in if you can! I’ll be interviewed tomorrow, June 22nd, on Mark Lipinski’s internet radio program Creative Mojo at 12:20pm PST (3:20pm EST). It should be fun. We’ll be talking about the Modern Quilt Guild and the modern quilt movement. Just go to and click on the “Live on the Air” button. I’m representing the Modern Quilt Guild …

Quilt Inspiration: Las Vegas Trip

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I’m constantly taking metal snapshots of everything around me and auditioning them out for quilt patterns. My family thinks I’m a little cuckoo because I tell them I see quilts everywhere I go. My parents, when they were visiting a few months ago, especially got a kick out of it and started to do it for me. We’d see a …

What exactly does “modern quilting” mean?

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What does “modern quilting” mean? I’m sure each of you has your view on this. And some of you are very opinionated about it. Well, you’re being invited to share your views on the Modern Quilt Guild site. There will be posts every day this week. Check it out and don’t forget to chime in.