Cutting out your Glam Clam Quilt

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In chatting with my students in preparation for my Glam Clam Quilt class that I’ll teach in a few weeks for the first time at Sew Modern in Los Angeles, I’ve come across a couple things that might be useful to you too. In the free Glam Clam Quilt pattern I don’t give a lot of information on how to layout your templates for cutting nor do I give yardage information. This is because, there are so many layouts for cutting the clamshells depending on the final design of your Glam Clam Quilt.

8″ Glam Clam Quilt Cutting Layout
This pattern is best cut out of yardage because you can stagger the templates to maximize the number of pieces per yard.  Also, if you open the fabric to the full width of the fabric it allows for the greatest utilization of the fabric. The following illustration shows a good layout. It allows ten 12″ clams and three of the peripheral templates. If your fabric is a solid or multidirectional you can rotate the templates to fit into the available spaces.

12″ Glam Clam Quilt templates laid out on 1 yard fabric

8″ Glam Clam Quilt Cutting Layout

Here are the 8″ Glam Clam’s also laid out on a 1 yard piece of fabric opened to the full width of the fabric.

8″ Glam Clam Quilt templates laid out on 1 yard fabric

Scrappy Glam Clam Quilt?

Of course, this pattern is great for scraps. You will need at least a 13″ x 13″ square to cut one 12″ clam  and a 9″ x 9″ square to cut a 8″ clam. If you have larger scraps, you can also stagger the templates like we did on the full yard cut of fabric.

If you want to purchase small cuts of fabric to make a scrappy Glam Clam quilt, you will need to purchase between 1/3 yd and 1/2 yd for the 12″ (if your quilt shop gives “generous” cuts then 1/3 yd would be sufficient). And a 1/4 yd would be sufficient for the 8″ clams.

Stack ‘Em High
Another question I’ve had is how many can you cut out at a time. If you have sharp scissors, you can cut up to four or five layers at a time. I cut up to eight. If you try this be sure to use a lot of pins and be very careful to make sure your scissors are perpendicular to the fabric so that all layers are cut the same size and shape.

Coming Soon. . .
Also, I’ve figured out how to piece these without pins now. Yes, WITHOUT PINS! The tabs make it possible and it is so much quicker. Hopefully, I’ll get to show you how soon. But, I’ll have to find time to shoot a video to do that. . . If anyone knows the number to the time fairy please let me know!


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  1. Mary Richardson

    Hi from Nova Scotia, Canada
    Just listening to a your podcast with Pat Sloan. Your large glam clam quilt sounds really interesting. thank you for sharing. I will have to try this for at least a pillow top. Mary

  2. Toni

    Latifah! I discovered your site sooo by accident…visiting my sister in LA, & she’d saved the LATimes 5/31 article for me. (I live in north & very rural CA where we don’t get a “real” paper, tho’ my husband says the LATimes no longer is…well, never mind that.) Anyhow, I absolutely LOVE your work–in fact I might be in love with you, at least I’m enchanted.
    I’m going to try the GlamClam. I’ve sewn for a hundred yrs, and quilted for about 10… Your tutorial is terrific, and I think I can do it.
    Thanks, so much!

  3. Candy Scott

    Thank you for your outstanding presentation today at CVQG. You have inspired me on how to finish one quilt and move on to a couple of others.
    Candy Scott

  4. Melissa

    The Time Fairy doesn’t have a phone…THAT is precisely where all my free time goes! :)

    You are such a dear for showing how to lay out the templates to maximize the fabric usage. :)

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