Kickstarter – Just 5 Days Left!

I’ve posted this everywhere but, on the old neglected blog. But, this month of Kickstarter has been amazing. Get all of the details here. In a nutshell I am raising funds to finally bring to market a whole series of patterns and products. And, I was blessed enough to reach goal in 36 hours. Yep, I was flabbergasted too. And now, with just five days to go I am just $1,383 away from the SECOND stretch goal. Yes, I said second. I’ve been so humbled by this whole experience and look forward to bringing all of these products and more to market!


If you still want to support me and be the first to get patterns and The Clammy rulers then hop on over to Kickstarter today. There are just five days left!

Clammy Announcement

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported so far. Thank you!