Kite Tails Quilt

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Many of you saw glimpses of this quilt in the tutorial on the Modern Quilt Guild blog but, it wasn’t quilted yet and I literally just showed a peek of it in the tutorial. It’s a very simple quilt using HRT’s that makes for a quick baby quilt. I love the color combination of the coral-ly reds, pink, citron and gray! I think I’ll definitely be using it again.

Kite Tails Quilt, Latifah Saafir

This quilt layout completely reminds me of kites in the idyllic image in kids books with the bows on kite tails blowing in the wind. Kinda like this:


:-) So I call it Kite Tails.

I have been struggling SO much to get decent pictures of my quilts. Does anyone else have this problem? Please let me know I’m not alone. But, the stars (and the clouds to be honest) all lined up perfectly today to allow me to easily take a few decent shots.


Kite Tails Quilt

This quilt is pretty small at just 34″ x 36″ but, it was made specifically for the tutorial. It would be perfect for a tiny baby girl though.

Kite Tails Quilt

The backing uses three of my current favorite fabrics. I’m sort of in love with the Timeless Treasures Crosshatch Sketch fabric – like, in all of the colors!! The upper left corner fabric is one of my favorite colors of the Crosshatch Sketch called Citron. To the right of it is Simon & Kabuki Juicy Blossoms Gray Dot (which I desperately need to find more of). And the bottom is Laurie Wisburn’s Modern Whimsy Circles in Saffron.

Kite Tails Quilt Back

The quilting is super simple.

Kite Tails Quilt Detail

The binding is Kona Coral.

Kite Tails Quilt Folded

And, last but, not least my go to label when I’m too lazy to create a real one. :-)

Kite Tails Label


I’ll be back soon!

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  1. KatieLynne Peterson-Victor

    Through Kathy Mack’s superior radar report, I arrived here. I’m so taken with this quilt—both the design and colorway is so very pleasing. It gives me the same pleasant feeling that I get when viewing Japanese designs—soothing, comforting, peacefulness. The execution of your dream is astounding!

  2. Jenn

    I have the worst time getting pictures for my blog in general. Spring has definitly helped though. My main problem is not having time to shoot in daylight (I work full time) and my apt set up not allowing a sewing table near the window. Lovely quilt by the way!

  3. Donna SeaHorseQuilts

    Cute quilt. I have trouble with the photos, too. I want to photograph the whole project, but then you can’t see the details or, most common, lighting is wrong, wrong, wrong. And photo editing often does strange things to fabric colors. But all your photos have always looked beautiful to me. I’m surprised to hear your question. I just assume I’m the only one who has this trouble! :-). And I’m also happy to see you blogging here again. You’re quilts are always inspirational.

  4. Lisa Redmond

    I love this quick and easy pattern for HRTs when you posted it earlier on Modern Quilt Guild blog. I’ve already used it to make a quilt for my cancer charity workshop using donated fabrics from Lauren. Thanks for sharing. AND I’m so glad you’re blogging on a regular basis now!

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