#ModernSolidsChallenge: The Quilt!

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Three hotel rooms, two states, and five airports later, I finally finished my Modern Solids Challenge Quilt! After much back and forth I decided to go with one of the designs that I designed using a variation of the Birds in the Air block. Instead of the standard block made with HST’s (Half Square Triangles) I decided to make the blocks with HRT’s (Half Rectangle Triangles). Introducing my Buzzed Birds Quilt!

TQE_8352 (2)

This is the individual block.

Birds In the Air Quilt Block with HRT's

Birds In the Air Quilt Block with HRT’s

Which I of course turn on it’s side so that the diagonal of the HRT is parallel with the top and bottom of the quilt.

TQE_8369 (2)

I love the look of using two background fabrics in this quilt! So much so that I carried them onto the binding.

TQE_8442 (2)

And of course, this one got my favorite all over quilting design of a random crosshatch! When it came to naming this one I just kept thinking that if the birds in the air are in a rectangular formation AND on their side then they must be drunk. Then I kept thinking about the stories in the news a few years ago about birds getting drunk by eating fermented berries. So, all in fun this quilt is called Buzzed Birds. 🙂

TQE_8384 (2) Square1

Thanks Free Spirit Fabrics for this opportunity to play with your fabric! And Denyse Schmidt for picking awesome colors!