“Perfect Puddles” Modern Circle Sampler Quilt

Guess what mom? I’m a teacher now! I’m teaching my “Perfect Puddles” Modern Circle Sampler Quilt at Sew Modern in Los Angeles. My mother always said that I’d be a teacher – I just don’t think she thought I would teach quilting. 😉 So fun! We had our first session this past Saturday but, if you’re interested you can still sign up and I garuantee I’ll get you through the whole quilt. It is a great quilt for an advanced beginner. The circles look intimidating but, I promise they’re the easiest part.

I actually designed and completed this quilt a while ago. It’s a fun version of a circle quilt because it’s a Sampler Quilt with a different piecing method in each of the nine circles. I call it Perfect Puddles. I wanted to create interest in this quilt using a fairly restrained color scheme. The main color is gray, the feature color is green and the “pop” color is pink (in two shades). The two feature fabrics that the quilt was designed around are the Gray “Go By Bike” by Erin McMorris and “Retro Umbrella” in the Rainy Days and Mondays line by Melimba and Beccabury. Each block has each of the feature fabrics and one piece of the “pop” color of pink. Then of course I framed each circle in a white ring using the Six Minute Circle Method. The background fabric is Kona Ash.

One of the fun things about this quilt is the Machine Quilting lines. Each circle has a different quilting design that compliments the piecing of the circle. I wanted to make each design using the walking foot to eliminate the need of free motion quilting in this quilt. I love looking at the back of this quilt. Even though it is just one piece of fabric, it is very interesting because of the different straight line quilting techniques that are shown. The backing fabric is a very pink Kona Cotton – I think it’s Bubble Gum.

Here is a view of the front laid out flat.

And a detail shot.