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Three facts: I started this quilt long, long ago on the first ever LA Modern Quilt Guild retreat. I promised it to a friend shortly thereafter. I’m very bad at finishing and gifting quilts. Very bad.

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This quilt was my first time working on the technique for Half Rectangle Triangles (HRT’s) that I wrote up for the Modern Quilt Guild website. I was inspired to sketch a series of quilts based on all my time spent on Los Angeles freeways and loved these great triangles on the transition from the 105W to the 405 N. I saw the Nani Iro fabric and thought that it was the perfect marriage of neutrals and the unexpected pops of colors that helped to capture the organic yet industrial nature of the freeway inspiration. I paired it with linen and linen/cotton blend fabric. I was afraid it would be a problem when it was washed because of the different fabric types but, it washed up great.



Each triangle was quilted individually with various echo quilting motifs  in alternating directions.

Quilting Detail2

To enhance the organic nature of this quilt, I added touches of hand quilting around some of the circles and along the width of each solid row.

Hand Sitching Detail

As a consolation for it taking me SO long to finish it up, I made two little doll quilts and matching pillows for her sweet twin girls. Don’t tell mom but, I sorta love them more than the original quilt. There’s something so perfect about something in miniature. I used leftover fabric and leftover HRT blocks.  I found this AWESOME scallop or wave stitch on my Janome 8900 that I fell in love with. It adds the right amount of fun to these tiny quilts. (I love the stitch so much I’ve already used it on another project!)

Doll Quilts on Bed

I backed each quilt and pillow in a different fabric so each twin will know which one is hers. I hope they love them.

Pillow Back


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  2. Maureen

    I found your blog via Jeni Baker’s blog featuring this quilt. I love it, and I LOVE the doll quilts!!

    Can anyone come to the LA Modern Quilt Guild sewing days on Saturdays? I have not been to a meeting since I work every Monday night but I wish I could join in somehow. (I live in Pasadena but don’t have any IRL quilting friends).

  3. Sabine

    hello quilt-engineer,

    I clicked through all your projects…they are all very interesting and very special! I like your baby-gifts so much.
    I hope it doesn’t matter if I use one or the other of your ideas (only for private use, of course), I feel very inspired!

  4. Jeannie

    Oh my gosh they are adorable and the girls will love them!
    Mom’s quilt is pretty nifty too!! Really love the organic look.

  5. Kitty

    Love your quilt!! I saw it on Jeni Baker’s ( In Color Order) Favorites and was intrigued by those little red eyes staring at me. The little doll quilts are too cute!! I’m sure you’ve made two girls very happy!!

  6. NancyinSTL

    Beautiful. Your HRT quilts really do look like the inspiration.

    I have three great-nieces under the age of 8 that live far away, which I don’t know them well. So, to let them know that I think of them, I recently thought that I should make doll quilts and matching pillows for each of them. I already had the quilt patterns in mind, but love your idea of making them similar with just different backings for the quilts and corresponding pillows.

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