The Big ‘O’ Quilt, Part II

Here’s a quilt that I’ve never blogged about.

The Big 'O' Quilt, Part II Angle

I blogged about The Big ‘O’ Quilt a few months ago. This is the second quilt in the ‘O’ Series, The Big ‘O’, Part II. Like The Big ‘O’ this quilt uses the Bias Tape Appliqué technique but only on the right half of the quilt.  The other half uses Dale Fleming’s Pinless Piecing (otherwise known as the six-minute circle) technique which you know that I love. And barring managing such large pieces of fabric, it was a quilt that went together quite easily. But, of course both of these techniques are pretty easy.


This quilt was finished to hang at the first QuiltCon in 2013 so many of you may have seen it there or from pictures from the show. It had never been photographed properly though.

The Big "O", Part II

This quilt has so many things that I love in it. Green, in the perfect shade. And another pretty great shade of green. Half circles making up a full circle. Random crosshatch quilting. Binding that blends into the background. Just a hint of a print. Super light Gray background. That perfect blue (I think it’s the same blue on the back of The Big ‘O’)! I also think this super simple quilt has fabric from 4 or 5 different manufacturers which makes me happy too!

I love so many things about this.

Oh, and it is featured in the recently released  Lucky Spool’s Essential Guild to Modern Quilt Making which you should all check out!